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Fuel Check GPS is a real time GPS tracking platform.  Manage any type of fleet,  to optimize operating costs, increase efficiency and save time.

Manage your business activities, anywhere in the world

Who Are We
  • Analysis of the relationship between driver productivity and fleet performance indicators.

  • The application of regulations on transport with digital forms and personalized checklists for drivers.

  • The supervision of the entire logistics process via GPS and the relevant activity report.

  • The assignment of work orders directly to the driver's mobile terminal in real time.

  • Traceability of preventive maintenance tasks, with volume of orders and fleet indicators.

  • The analysis of the results to optimize operations and evaluate the feasibility of decisions.


  • Descriptive statistics : present and characterize a set of data as monitoring variation alerts.

  • Linear or multiple regression models: relate a variable to one or multiple variables such as the relationship between vehicle data and route behavior values.  

  • Analysis of variance: detect differences between data groups such as knowing if there are differences between vehicle brands, routes, drivers, products, etc.  

  • Multivariate analysis: Simultaneously analyze multivariate data sets such as identifying behavior patterns with vehicle values.

  • Operations research: use mathematical models in order to obtain the best optimal solution for a problem with limited resources such as optimizing routes, fleet size, etc. 


It is the most advanced way to manage a logistics company and control its fleet

eficiencia operativa

Improve Operational Efficiency

GPS Tracking System for Waste Fleet Management with RFID Technology and Telematics


availability and reliability


Data and location in real time 


Companies that invest in telemetry


Save operating costs

Respond Quickly To Theft Of Rolling Containers, Assets Or Containers

Reduce Operating Costs

Improve Driver Behavior

Set a boundary radius and receive alerts on boundary exit/entrance and sudden vibrations, allowing you to quickly respond to equipment failures and other critical conditions that could jeopardize your valuable assets

Reduce operating costs with engine diagnostic alerts and generate reports on:

  • battery levels,

  • Engine speed,

  • Engine load percentage,

  • Fuel percentage,

  • Fuel consumption,

  • Average fuel rate (gal/hr) and more

Monitor and manage the following statistics: speed compared to the set limit, hard braking, hard turns, sudden acceleration and sudden lane crossing.

- General rating
- Distance traveled
- Start/end date and time Duration of the trip and
- Category rating details
- All this from the mobile app.


Platform for fleet management
GPS and logistics services


It refers to the speed limit that the asset can reach before it starts to downgrade.

Revolutions per minute (RPM):

View the score depending on the RPM limit range, this will show if the driver exceeded a parameter and what was the limit he obtained.


Any alert generated on the platform may also be a factor to be taken into account for the qualification, for example: arrival at a place, out of geofence, asset stopped, etc.

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