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IoT projects 

(Internet Of Things)

IoT mobility for companies

A solution for the telemetry and efficient management of machines or infrastructures through a telematics system, which incorporates the reading equipment connected to the machine

Who Are We
  • FOLLOW-UP : View in real time all the data received from your vehicles along with a long list of specific features developed to optimize the tracking of your mobile assets.

  • MONITORING: Promotes correct use of vehicles, work shifts, preventive maintenance and controls driving efficiency to prevent accidents and reduce fuel consumption.

  • RECOVERY: Panels specially designed for stolen vehicle recovery activities, alert management and a series of connectors with alarm control center software that will enhance your security applications.

  • CONTROL: Reduce the operating costs of your fleet with analytical reports on the type of driving, custom driver rankings or fuel consumption.


A single solution for fleet management and asset control

  • Machine telemetry:
    We collect the information that the client needs for subsequent supervision and self-detection of events that require action. We program a terminal that interprets the firmware of the machine and can remotely write its parameters.

  • Information processing:
    We create specific functionalities for each client. We will put at your disposal an API for connection to your ERP or other management applications. We develop problem-solving algorithms, as well as specific reports.

  • Derivative management: We create for you an entire management ecosystem of the services associated with the telemetry events of the machines. We georeference the event, our personalized automatic assignment algorithm will assign the service to the correct technician. And you can monitor its resolution.

  • Savings in procedures: You will save in operating costs and time. Our solutions in IoT projects are proactive and thanks to this we manage to eliminate maintenance costs. Anticipating breakdowns and logistics costs, you will monitor performance in real time, facilitating remote interventions.

Profitability and fleet management


IoT applied to real solutions

Modules segmented by real applications designed to meet business needs for various activities of management, control and optimization of vehicle fleets, remote sensors and security.

fuel monitoring

Vehicle maintenance

Care Driving

Logistics Module


Driving Control

Tachograph Download

Hours of Service (HOS)

Eco Diving

Field Management

Scheduled Reports

Vehicle event management

Multifunctional tool with the latest in IoT technology:

telematics systems

satellite tracking

Dynamic analysis service 


Seguridad en su flota

Our panel of experts includes specialists in industries and sectors such as:

Tractor rojo en el campo
Alquiler de potencia con errores de instalación
Vehículos de emergencia
Camión en movimiento
Autobús escolar
Conductor de taxi
entrega Van
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The success of IoT projects arise from our cutting-edge technology

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