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Manage temperature, humidity, moisture-sensitive assets and more with GPS tracking devices and real-time cold chain monitoring.

Cold chain control devices

Who Are We
  • In the cold chain, maintaining the quality of products and services is the differentiating factor. 

  • Guarantee the consumer that the cold chain is not broken and that the products maintain all the conditions and quality standards for their consumption.

  • FuelCheckGPS,  A pioneering company and leader in gps management and cold chain control solutions, it integrates the most advanced technologies to preserve the cold chain and guarantee regulatory compliance.

  • With this solution you will have great control over your vehicles (temperature, consumption, driving times...), and in turn, in a centralized and simple way, over all your cold rooms.


  • Descriptive statistics : present and characterize a set of data as alerts of variation in temperature monitoring.

  • Linear or multiple regression models: relate a variable to one or multiple variables such as the relationship between vehicle data and temperature values. 

  • Analysis of variance: detect differences between data groups such as knowing if there are differences between vehicle brands, routes, drivers, products, etc. 

  • Multivariate analysis: Simultaneously analyze multivariate data sets such as identifying behavior patterns with temperature values. 

  • Operations research: use mathematical models in order to obtain the best optimal solution for a problem with limited resources such as optimizing routes, fleet size, etc. 


Effective optimization of charging temperature monitoring.

Minimize risks

The cold chain implies a greater complexity and investment in infrastructure and specialization that your client wants to guarantee and protect. Now on the platform your clients have a key solution to minimize this risk.

60 sec

temperature values


 Reduce road accidents


Companies that invest in telemetry


Save operating costs

specialized in the transport of refrigerated goods

Significant savings due to temperature control

- Temperature control and maintenance of the cold chain.

- The reading of the data can be done both through a thermograph and independent sensors.
- Option of notices in real time with alarms via SMS. Associated with temperature control, it allows quick action in the event of an incident and prevents merchandise from being spoiled.
- Door opening detection. In addition to improving vehicle safety, it allows precise detection and measurement of temperature drops at the moment the vehicle doors are opened.
- Historical record of stops and idle periods, with time indications.
- Remote vehicle immobilization option.

Our sensor solution for cargo temperature monitoring consists of a sensor installed in the refrigerated box, which measures the temperature using a resistance thermometer, which transmits the information to the GPS device installed in the unit, which is interpreted by our GPS tracking platform. the information of the load temperature that it sends us through graphs.

- Real-time temperature monitoring.

- Load location.

- Graphs for easy interpretation of temperature.

- History of temperature monitoring.

- Management of easy to understand reports.

- Alerts of variation in routes by location and detail.

- History of detailed alerts.

- Unit performance, and more.

Our cargo temperature monitoring sensor solution is a complement to the thermograph that may already be in your reefer box

- Detection of problems in operation.

- Detection of unfair habits of operators.

- Fuel savings in temperature optimization.

- Avoid conflicts with clients and proof that the temperature has traveled in the correct range. refutable.

- Variation of ranges in temperature. +/-

- On / off cooling.

- On / off cooling in zone not allowed.

- Power disconnection.

- Equipment disconnection.

Control and monitoring of cargo temperature

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Refrigerated transport fleet management by GPS has become essential

Control en tiempo real

Advanced electronics:

  • Positioning systems: GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU, QZSS, AGPS

  • Cellular technology: LTE CAT1, UMTS/HSPA+ and GSM/GPRS/EDGE

  • Power supply: 10 – 30 V DC with surge protection

Solid construction:

  • Internal battery: 170 mAh Li-Ion 3.7 V (0.63 Wh)

  • Bluetooth : 4.0 + LE

Easy installation:

  • Dry and wet calibration

  • Cable length: 7 meters

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