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Always know where your assets are, increase their performance with our maintenance control based on working hours

Vehicle recovery solution with an administration and logistics system

Who Are We
  • Increase productivity is the amount of time units spend in the shop for preventable damage. 

  • It improves efficiency, it is the relationship between fuel costs and the distance traveled. 

  • Anticipate any expiration of documentation or discover if there is a driver who drives badly and is fined regularly.

  • Control costs to avoid unnecessary expenses


  • Descriptive statistics : present and characterize a set of data on the vehicle-driver relationship. 

  • Linear or multiple regression models: relate a variable to one or multiple variables such as the relationship between routes and vehicle mileage.

  • Analysis of variance: detect differences between data groups such as knowing if there are differences between vehicle brands, routes, drivers, etc. 

  • Multivariate analysis: Simultaneously analyze multivariate data sets to identify behavior patterns: drivers, experience, vehicle, model, location, etc.

  • Operations research: use mathematical models in order to obtain the best optimal solution for a problem with limited resources such as optimizing routes, fleet size, etc. to reduce transport routes and improve delivery processes.


Plan and monitor

Logistics Routes

Control your logistics routes

Our GPS Panama satellite tracking system controls and supervises that your primary routes are safe during the journey, therefore, that they arrive at the destination on time.

60 sec.

Vehicle position reports 


Costs reduction 


Execution time


Fleet management time

Vehicle location with GPS

Geofence System
Detect movements in trajectory

Real time indicators
Comprehensive GPS tracking systems

Don't let anything or anyone fall behind or get off course.

The control points are references or points of interest (POI) previously entered in the intelligent location system, therefore, they allow knowing the places where the fleet will be carrying out its tasks.

They also allow you to configure parameters and establish; time windows or delivery sequences, dwell times, etc.

You can also group control points to segment your customers.

Check that nothing gets out of its established area.

Create work areas or Geofences that will allow you to delimit the regions where your trucks or workforce must carry out their deliveries, collections or any other task.

Configure arrival times, warnings when a truck arrives late, leaves the work area without authorization or before time.

Reduce time wastage, unnecessary fuel consumption, also protect your vehicles from misuse or possible theft.

If you want to improve you must be able to measure efficiency.

Our performance indicators will show you:

- Visits, deliveries, scheduled vs. completed tasks, idle time (non-productive)
- Risky behavior of the driver while driving
- Notice stopped in an unscheduled place.

In conclusion, with our GPS satellite tracking system, you will have a detailed report to evaluate the performance in real time in meeting the daily distribution goals.

  • Connectivity compatible with 2G, 4G (LTE CAT-M1 and NB-IoT)

  • 3xCAN interfaces (2xCAN and 1xK-Line interfaces for CAN bus reading)

  • Internal antennas and built-in battery

  • Interface 4xDIN, 4xAIN, 4xDOUT, 1-Wire

  • 2x RS232 and RS485 interfaces

  •  2G compatible connectivity

  • Power supply range 6 ÷ 31.5 V DC

  • Internal battery: LiPo 3.7V 190mAh

  • u-blox GNSS module Internal or external antenna

  • 4 x digital inputs,  2 x analog inputs, 2 x digital outputs

  • 1-wire interface 

  • LTE Cat M1 (4G) connectivity

  • HCV data reading

  • Dual GPS antenna design

  • Interface 4xDIN, 4xAIN, 4xDOUT, 1-Wire

  • RS232x2 and RS485 interfaces

control de flotas

Obtain the maximum value from your vehicles, centralize your fleet information and optimize your entire operation

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