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Fuel control system, with cutting-edge technology

"One of the great challenges faced by companies in fuel anomalies, we are your best option to protect your profitability"


Maintenance and mechanical alerts

Manifold design (threaded and welded)

Installation and sale of fuel accessories

Through our software, Fleetsap, you can generate reports by vehicle, by pump, by Km / gl., By groups, the entire fleet, having absolute control of fuel dispatch.


Effective control over the fuel fleet

Fuel costs can represent a third of all fleet operating costs, so it is important to manage them in the best possible way so that a company can reduce its operating costs.

The GPS is connected directly to the vehicle's fuel tanks, constantly monitoring revenue, inventory, fuel consumption, and performance, all in real time.

Optimal management

Savings and control

Detailed information on fuel level and consumption allows transport company managers to compare drivers and vehicles according to their fuel consumption

Identify fuel thefts and compare whether a driver has filled a fuel tank at the rate of what he has paid.

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